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Advantages of a custom wetsuit

Warmer, more comfortable, and they fit

Custom fit wetsuits are typically warmer and more comfortable than precut stock size suits that you’ll find in retail shops because they are cut to fit your measurements. They can also be customized to suit your personal requirements and tastes.

A custom fit wetsuit is warmer because the ideal fit reduces the amount of water that flushes in at the neck, wrist and leg openings (see how wetsuits work). It also traps water against the skin more effectively than an ill-fitting suit. Fit is critical to being warm in your wetsuit, and there is no better fitting wetsuit than one that is cut specifically for your measurements.

Wetsuits that fit properly are more comfortable because they are never too long, too short, too loose or too tight. Precut stock sized suits do not guarantee fit, and they almost never offer an ideal fit. More commonly they are too big or too small. If a wetsuit is too big, cold water flushes in and the risk of hypothermia increases. If the suit is too tight it will be uncomfortable, and even worse could cut off circulation or make it difficult to breathe. Custom suits are built to fit and be comfortable.

Customizable and easily personalized

A made to order wetsuit can be customized to your needs and taste where a stock wetsuit can't. Not only can you select from different material thickness, you can:

Wetsuits can also be custom designed to function better for individuals with physical challenges or disabilities including range of motion issues and amputees.

Take a look around — people come in all different shapes and sizes: big, tall, wide, small and everything in between. A few precut sizes just can't fit everyone; buying a custom wetsuit is the only way to ensure that your wetsuit will be as warm and comfortable as a wetsuit can be.

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