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Advantages of a Custom Wetsuit

A custom-fit wetsuit provides warmth, comfort, and helps you enjoy being in the water in ways that an “off-the-rack” suit can’t.

Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm in the water in two ways, and the suit needs to fit well to be effective. First, a wetsuit should allow a small amount of water to enter the suit, then your body warms that water and the suit holds the warm water in. Second, the wetsuit insulates your body from the cold water that conducts heat more than 20 times faster than air. If the suit doesn't fit, cold water rushes in, the warm water flushes out, and the suit won't insulate you from the cold. A custom-fit wetsuit can keep you warmer and reduce the risk of hypothermia.

Whether you're in the water for work or fun, it's important to be comfortable. A poor-fitting wetsuit can ruin your enjoyment of the water or even be hazardous - it might squeeze you where it's too tight, impede your movement, cut off your circulation or even make it hard to breathe. Not only that, but a suit that doesn't fit can be stressful to put on and take off. A custom-fit suit is the most comfortable way to go.

Take a look around - people come in all different shapes and sizes, and it's unlikely that one of a few pre-made sizes is going to give you an ideal fit. You might find one that's OK, but you'll never know how warm and comfortable a wetsuit can be until you try a custom-fit suit. The cost isn't much higher, so why not enjoy the benefits - make your next wetsuit a JMJ.

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