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How to take care of your wetsuit

Get the most out of your investment in a fine wetsuit; please take a few minutes to read these tips about how to care for your suit.

Why is this important?

  1. You want your suit to keep keeping you warm.
  2. You might want to keep your suit looking nice.
  3. You definitely don't want your suit to stink.

Try to keep your suit away from:

Before getting in the water

Put the wetsuit on carefully - avoid pulling hard on the seams. Point your fingers and toes when putting on the arms and legs so you don't snag the inner material, especially if the suit has a Neoskin interior.

When you're in the water

Avoid contact with reef, rocks, and other sharp things that could rip the suit.

When you get out of the water

  1. Unzip all the zippers.
  2. Remove the suit carefully.
  3. Turn the suit inside-out.
  4. Ideally soak the suit in clean warm water for about 15 minutes. If the material is soiled, add a small amount of mild soap like Woolite® to the water and be sure to rinse in clear water. Never use harsh detergents, chemicals or anything that contains bleach as these can damage neoprene and cause colors to fade.
  5. If soaking isn't possible, rinse the suit well inside and out with fresh water as soon as you can.
  6. Dry the suit thoroughly in a well-ventilated area away from heat and sunlight. Ideally lay it flat, otherwise hang it on a wide wetsuit hanger to prevent creasing.
  7. Close all Hook & Loop fasteners
  8. Store in a cool, dry and ideally flat place. If the suit will be in storage for a while, make sure it is completely dry first, then store it in a plastic bag.

If your suit is damaged

Contact us about our repair services.

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