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Surfing Wetsuits

JMJ has over forty years of experience in crafting custom wetsuits for surfing; there are few requests we haven't heard and few solutions we haven't tried. The following are the most popular surf suits. All are available in various thicknesses and colors to produce the perfect wetsuit for you.

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JMJ Wetsuits Surf Fullsuit

Surf Fullsuit

The classic fullsuit is our most popular design for surfers. Warm, flexible and perfect for winter.

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JMJ Wetsuits Smoothie Beavertail Jacket

Smoothie Beavertail Jacket

The traditional Smoothie Beavertail Jacket that surfers wore back in the day; a timeless classic.

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JMJ Wetsuits Smoothie Farmer John

Smoothie Farmer John

A timeless classic style. The same old school Smoothie Farmer John that surfers used back in the day.

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JMJ Wetsuits Flatlock Long-Sleeve Springsuit

Flatlock Long-Sleeve Springsuit

A popular and economical choice for cooler waters, this suit insulates the upper body and offers good freedom of movement.

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JMJ Wetsuits Polar Fleece Coat

Polar Fleece Coat

Quite possibly the warmest and most functional dive coat available. This coat is a great companion after long cold dives and on windy boat trips.

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