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Front view of the JMJ Beavertail Jacket in black with olive trim Back view of the JMJ Beavertail Jacket in black with olive trim Side view of the JMJ Farmer John wetsuit with Beavertail Jacket in black with olive trim Detail photo of JMJ wetsuits beavertail

Beavertail Jacket

The traditional Beavertail Jacket that divers have trusted for decades; a pullover jacket that covers the arms and torso with a beavertail flap that passes through the crotch and fastens to the front with a Hook & Loop fastener. This has been a popular design as it offers freedom of movement for the legs, and the beavertail helps minimize water flushing and prevents the jacket from riding up on the torso. Divers often wear the jacket over a Farmer John, giving them the warmth of two layers of neoprene around the torso and one layer over the arms and legs for greater flexibility of movement.

The Jacket features an attached hood that helps prevent water from entering down the back of the neck, as well as Raglan sleeves with pre-bent elbows, and a Hook & Loop closure. Zippers can be in straight, diagonal or side zipper configurations.

Our dive suits are made with durable dive-grade neoprene that has better “memory” than other types of neoprene, meaning it will resume its thickness, even after being compressed many times at dive depths. All seams are glued & blindstitched for durability and have Lycra bindings for flexibility. Various thicknesses are available with your choice of interior Nylon lining or Neoskin. Non-corrosive Vislon zippers with interior flaps underneath prevent water from entering when closed.

This suit is custom-fit to your measurements for maximum warmth and comfort. Stock sizes in 7mm neoprene are also available. All JMJ wetsuits are made to last and keep you warm for many dives to come.


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  • 2115-7J   7mm Beavertail Jacket$295
  • 2115-5J   5mm Beavertail Jacket$290
  • 2115-3J   3mm Beavertail Jacket$280
  • 2115-7S   7mm Beavertail Jacket (stock size)$215


  • Elbow pads$30
  • Pocket$40
  • Zippers (pair)$30

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