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Front view of the JMJ Smoothie Farmer John wetsuit Back view of the JMJ Smoothie Farmer John wetsuit

Smoothie Farmer John

The classic Farmer John that surfers used back in the day; a one piece sleeveless suit that covers the legs and torso. While shown here separately, the John can be worn under a long sleeve Smoothie Beavertail Jacket, which covers the arms and adds an additional layer of neoprene around the torso for maximum warmth.

This Farmer John is available as a 3mm and has a Smoothie neoprene exterior that sheds water instead of absorbing it as a Nylon exterior would. The John has a Nylon interior, exterior knees, crotch and seat and the seams are glued & blindstitched with with zig-zag hemming for durability. The left shoulder fastens with a Hook & Loop closure for easy entry and exit.

Also available with back zipper or deep scoop step in neck.

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Please complete and send us the measurement chart, and we will contact you with any questions before we build your suit. Normal lead time to build your custom wetsuit is 2-3 weeks, but lead times may fluctuate so please contact us if you have a trip planned or need an estimate on when your suit will ship.

Measuring Instructions

  1. Take your measurements using a cloth measuring tape and write them down. Have someone measure you if possible, otherwise you can measure yourself.

    Chest: the largest circumference around your chest - usually around nipple line. Measuree should lift arms out to side, place tape around chest, then lower arms to side. Make sure tape stays level around the back.

    Waist: the smallest circumference between your chest and buttocks; not where you would measure the waist for a pair of pants, but normally a couple of inches higher, just below the base of the rib cage. If your waist is larger than chest or buttocks, take largest circumference of waist area.

    Hips: The widest circumference of your lower hips. Be sure to keep the measuring tape level.

  2. Find your size on the chart starting with the Chest, then find the best size matching your Height, Waist and Hips

Your Smoothie Farmer John will ship within 10 business days of receiving your order.

Made in California