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As a working Divemaster in the water every week with student divers, two things are critical: warmth and durability. When you are working in the pools and in the ocean with students and instructors, you spend a lot of time back and forth in and out of the water, carrying gear, climbing around on boat decks, etc. To make the most of that experience, having a great form-fitting wetsuit that can last is a must. The value you get out of a JMJ wetsuit is second to none. Value meaning what you get for what you pay, and the usability of the product. I use a fullsuit with attached hood 7mm with added thigh patch for the occasional spear fishing needs. This is a workhorse wetsuit that is super warm and comfortable, made to fit my exact dimensions. The fit is a big reason for the warmth and comfort - no loose neoprene creating folds and or restricting movement or allowing water to get in. The seams have stayed water tight and the knee pads have held up to a lot of kneeling on the bottom of pool surfaces and the ocean floor.

If you are seeking a great wetsuit that is form fit for added warmth and comfort, along with design and style, I would highly recommend a JMJ wetsuit. Whether you are a recreational diver, or working in the dive industry, these are the best suits.

— Todd Juneau, Divemaster
January 28, 2020

I purchased my first JMJ wetsuit and hooded vest when I started teaching diving, and I can’t imagine diving in another wetsuit. Although a 7mm wetsuit can be less than comfortable, I never thought twice about my comfort level when wearing my JMJ. Once I donned the suit, it was like a second skin…OK, a very thick second skin…but I couldn’t have asked for more out of a 7mm suit. I wanted to be able to maneuver and react quickly in the water with my students, and the JMJ suit allowed me to do just that. I have been diving with my suit for so many years, when it reached the end of it’s natural life, I managed to save and continue using a portion of the suit and extend its life just a little bit longer! It’s finally time to replace my wetsuit, and I have tried on many retail suits that just don’t do the trick, so I think it’s time to go back to JMJ!

— Wendy Pacofsky, President
Outdoor Travel Adventures
January 26, 2020

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