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Cheater Vest

A custom-fit wetsuit vest designed to help prevent heat loss from the core. It is commonly worn underneath a wetsuit as an additional layer of thermal protection, giving you the versatility to use one wetsuit in a wider range of temperatures. A great option to accompany our wetsuits with built-in hoods like the No Zip Fullsuit and Fullsuit with Attached Hood. The vest can also be worn on its own as a lightweight layer on the surface or in warmer water.

The JMJ Cheater Vest is constructed from high quality compression-resistant dive-grade neoprene with Nylon interior and exterior linings. All seams are glued & blindstitched for extra warmth and durability and the openings are finished with Lycra bindings for flexibility and comfort. As with all JMJ wetsuits, the Cheater Vest is custom-fit to your measurements for maximum warmth and comfort. Our products are made to last and keep you warmer in the water for many outings to come.

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Your Cheater Vest will ship within 10 business days of receiving your order.

Made in California